Museveni apologises as Makerere fire resumes


Museveni apologises as Makerere fire resumes

Fire has sunday evening broken out again at Ivory Tower, the main building of Makerere University.

According to reports, it burned the Council room just when it was thought police had extinguished the morning blaze.

The evening wind was blamed for the re-occurance.

“It has been contained, seems the walls were still very hot,” said Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson.

Victoria University

He added: “Trucks will keep around the building.”

While addressing the nation, President Museveni apologised for the outbreak.

“I’m sorry about the fire which was in the building of Makerere.”

He added: “We don’t know how the fire started but we already have some cases of negligence. I’m sure the vice chancellor will do something about negligence.”



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