We own NUP, Ssenyonyi shows documents

Joel Ssenyonyi

National Unity Platform (NUP) spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, has shared documents confirming ownership of the party by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“All these documents clearly show that the law is on our side,” Ssenyonyi said on Friday.

He said the state is only trying to damage them politically by casting doubt in the minds of Ugandans, but each machination they front is a nonstarter.

There is no number of machinations and gimmicks which will save Gen. Museveni from an inevitable and imminent fall, Ssenyonyi noted.

Victoria University

“Let him watch the space. THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL AGAINST HIM.”

Appearing on NBS television Thursday, Ssenyonyi said someone used the analogy that if the children of the same house are at each other’s throat, what will happen when they are fighting the children of the neighbours, the opposition?

On Moses Kibalama trying to reclaim NUP, Ssenyonyi said they expected the state to try to pull the carpet from under our feet either using money or intimidation.

“It is the same script. Unity in opposition has got to be deliberate. It can’t just be wished into being,” he noted.

On Friday, the army said it was holding the founder of NUP [Kibalama] for his own safety.



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