Rukutana’s ghost votes: Ntungamo erupts again


Ntungamo protests have resumed Friday as supporters of Noame Kabasharira reject the move to announce Labour minister Mwesigwa Rukutana as the winner of Rushenyi County NRM MP flag.

People have once again barricaded roads and burnt flammables to express their dissatisfaction with the ruling party electoral commission.

The commission has since discovered ghost votes at one of the polling stations where elections did not take place.

At the re-tallying of votes for Rushenyi election, it emerged that Rukutana ‘received’ 172 votes against Kabasharira’s 141 at Nyakahika village in Rugurama sub-county, Ntungamo district.

But there was no voting at this particular polling station because the exercise was suspended due to a scuffle that ensued among supporters of both candidates, reported the state-run New Vision.

Victoria University

Agents of both candidates Tuesday engaged in a heated argument at the NRM electoral commission office in Kampala, with accusations and counter-accusations of who masterminded the irregularities.

NRM EC boss Dr Tanga Odoi said the Nyakahika saga was not part of the earlier petition the commission received.

He said investigations are underway to discover what happened at Nyakahika village.

“In the tallying exercise, we have realised that there was a Nyakahika hullabaloo. We shall not declare a leader; we shall declare a winner in two days’ time,” Odoi said.

Kabasharira and her agents told the commission that there was no voting at Nyakahika village.

“That is my sub-county and it is true that voting did not take place. We do not doubt the investigations into this matter, but we are praying that investigations are free and fair,” she said

According to Kabasharira, ghost votes were allegedly fabricated by her rival’s camp and should not be included in the re-tallying exercise.

Rukutana was arrested, charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery, malicious damage to property, assault occasioning bodily harm and threatening violence.

When he left Kitalya prison, he was declared leading, a move that sparked off the first round of protests.



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