Gulu university plants 14,000 eucalyptus trees in Nwoya


Gulu University management have embarked on a tree planting project in their land in Nwoya Latoro.

The planting exercise that saw 14000 Eucalyptus tree seedlings planted in the 22 accre of land ended today after starting on the 9th of September.

The 22 accre land is part of the 300 acre land the University have in the area.

Management decided on the project after getting reports that some of the buildings at the site had started to host poachers.

Victoria University

Gulu University Vice Chancellor Prof Openjuru George Ladaah said the tree planting takes precedence as a mechanism to protect the land from just being bushy and also shows clearly the enthusiasm of the University towards conservation.

He added that the University will have local guards to see that the trees are protected and also to stay on side to stop the poachers from using the house in the land for illegal activities.

He said the University will now ensure the trees are weeded and protected from wild fire.

James Onono Ojok said the University have made the project budgeted for up to the tune of 80 million which money will be released in phases for two years to ensure the tree planting project is just not a one off project.



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