Teargas, live bullets as Ntungamo rejects Rukutana


Police and the army in Ntungamo district fired teargas and live bullets to disperse supporters of Naome Kabasharira who contested against Labour State minister Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Kabasharira was declared winner of the election before NRM electoral commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi’s Tuesday declared that Rukutana was in the lead for Rushenyi County MP NRM flag.

The angry supporters Wednesday blocked the Kabale-Mbarara road claiming that minister Rukutana was defeated, and Kabasharira should be declared the winner.

They accused NRM of rigging in favour of Rukutana who had just left Kitalya prison on charges of inciting violence, malicious damage to property and attempted murder.

Victoria University

Protesters gathered in Rwentobo, Rwahi and Rubaare are calling for immediate resignation of Ntungamo NRM registrar Maria Mirembe.

They accuse her of forgery and corruption.

They burnt flammables in the middle of the road before being waved off by police in running battles.



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