Singer Ziza Bafana arrested


Musician Ziza Bafana and his team have been arrested for allegedly supporting National Unity Platform [NUP] leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bafana said on Tuesday that after completing a 14-day quarantine, doctors acknowledged that he was Covid19 negative and discharged him.

Then the Uganda police arrested and detained him at Kalisizo Police Station.

His property as well as that of his team is in custody at Kyotera police station.

Victoria University

“We request for your support to see justice,” he appealed to friends and family.

“We have been forwarded to Kyotera Police Station for charges which we never committed. This is another kind of mistreatment!” he said.

Bobi Wine speaks

In what he termed “stinking double standards”, Bobi Wine slammed the “illegal detention” of Bafana for ostensibly for defying Gen. Museveni’s directives on COVID19.

“The brother and his colleagues went to sing in Tanzania and upon return he was quarantined. After 14 days, instead of being allowed to go home, they were handed over to police. He has been complaining of mistreatment while in quarantine, including being deprived of food, harassment, etc.”

“His real crime is in fact not related to COVID19- it is simply because when he was in Tanzania, he spoke about Bobi Wine and promoted People Power on stage! His crime was singing about People Power while under quarantine!”

If his crime was related to promoting COVID19, thousands of NRM politicians should now be in custody, Bobi Wine noted.

He said many singers who have been singing at NRM rallies should be under detention.

“Gen. Museveni himself was in Tanzania on the weekend. It is very shameful that a government can treat citizens this way and punish them simply for identifying with a political leader or political formation.”

“Hang in there bro. As we continue to demand for your release, rest assured that Uganda will soon be free!” he added.



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