MP Lyomoki brings mattress, mosquito net to sleep in parliament


Workers MP Dr. Sam Lyomoki resumes camping in the Parliament Chambers, as a protest against delayed passing of the NSSF (Amendment) Bill 2019.

This time round, he brought a mattress and a mosquito net.

Dr. Sam is concerned that the bill has not been prioritized and only appears at the tail end of the Order Paper.

Lyomoki has promised to continue camping at Parliament Chambers as he leads the campaign to expedite the processing of the Bill, in solidarity with contibutors to NSSF who continue to suffer and disenfranchised by economic hitmen.

Victoria University

Dr. Sam Lyomoki is further concerned that there are ‘ Mafias’ and ‘economic hitmen’ who are working hard to sabotage the processing of the Bill to the detriment of Workers.

This is the Second night that the Workers MP is spending in Parliament Chambers since he started his campaign on 27th August, 2020.



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