Police finds no one in Makindye building rubble


Police have temporarily called off the rescue operations at the collapsed building in Kalezia zone, Makindye Division.

Last evening, the rescue team reached the basement where, it had been told there were eight people trapped there.

The rescue team didn’t get anybody whether dead or alive.

Police have not received any information from anyone that their person is still missing at the site.

Victoria University

Police detectives interviewed some of the workers at the site, including the woman, who has been cooking food for them and she said all the workers had left by the time the building collapsed except Godfrey Oonyu.

Oonyu was rescued on the first day of the operation.

“We believe that there is nobody who is still trapped in the rubble,” said KMP PRO Patrick Onyango.

“However, we call upon anyone whose relative was working at the site and is still missing to report to Katwe Police Station.”

He added: “We want to appreciate our officers who worked tirelessly day and night during this rescue operation.”



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