318 Ugandans return from Saudi Arabia


The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has successfully repatriated a total of 318 Ugandan Nationals and legal residents who have been stranded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the sixth repatriation exercise the Embassy has undertaken with the first five having taken place on 22nd, 28th July, 12th August, 3rd and 6th September 2020 respectively which ensured that over 2,500 Ugandans and legal residents in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Oman returned home safely.

The Embassy undertook the registration process of Ugandan Nationals who were stranded in the Jeddah a province in Saudi Arabia and coordinated their return aboard Saudi Airlines.

The flight no. SV 7842 departed King Adulaziz International Airport at 2:00pm and arrived at Entebbe International Airport Sunday evening at 8:10pm

Victoria University

After fulfilling the standard procedures issued by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health of Uganda, guidelines by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ugandans were seen off at the King Abdulaziz
International Airport in Jeddah by the Charge D’ Affaires a.i and staff of the Embassy.

The Charge D’Affaires A.I of the Embassy thanked the Ugandans for their patience they exhibited during the difficult times they have endured as a result of the pandemic and wished them a safe journey.



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