Sudhir sues lawyer Karamagi for defamation


City moneybags Sudhir Ruparelia has dragged lawyer Andrew Karamagi to court for defamation.

The activist allegedly posted statements on his social media pages that were false and defamatory.

This is according to the lawsuit filed by the Ruparelia Group Chairman before the Civil Division of High Court.

Through his lawyers of Galisonga and Company Advocates, Sudhir says Karamagi’s statements followed the laying down of tools of Sanyu FM staff.

Victoria University

The workers were protesting a 25 percent salary cut due to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

Karamagi published a long missive on his Facebook wall indicating that the businessman is one of Uganda’s small groups of individuals holding power in organized crimes, going ahead to say that, “Sudhir’s reputation for unethical and unconscionable business practices needs no elaboration.”

Sudhir says Karamagi’s post imputed that he is a criminal, unreasonable businessman or business partner, a great liar and a man not worthy any trust.

“The plaintiff’s personal, diplomatic, social and business reputation had been seriously damaged and he has suffered considerable distress and embarrassment including numerous calls from family, colleagues, friends and peers and other concerned persons over the same post publicized by the defendant/Karamagi”, reads the suit.



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