Stella Nyanzi in door-to-door campaigns


Today, after the rain subsided, I visited my voters in Angola – Kawempe. I was greatly enthused by the warm reception of people we met during the door-to-door visits.

Many asked for my posters. Some showed me where to stick my posters and fliers on their gates, kiosks and walls.

People wanted me to sit for a while and listen to the issues they want me to represent in Parliament.

I thank my cousin Oscar Ssembogo of People Power, who partnered with the FDC’s Chairman Sanitizer Muhoozi to mobilise the community for me. I am learning a lot about Kampala as I continue with my election campaigns for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament!

The youthful man who makes chapatis, Rolexes, kicommandos and fried eggs pleads with me to put my sticker on the cheap glass of his make-shift display box. I accept. He is my voter who has many customers that buy his hot chapatis, greasy Rolexes, tummy-filling kicommandos and fried eggs.

Victoria University

A woman washing her clothes in colourful plastic basins calls out to me as I am passing by her mizigo houses. She invites me to sit on a tiny wooden makeshift stool. She tasks me to discuss in Parliament the plight of landlords and landladies such as herself, who have many tenants who cannot pay rent because of the economic slump in the time of COVID19!

People of all ages, tribes, ethnicities, income bracket and religions stop to listen to my mini-manifesto as I walk through Angola in Kawempe division for my election campaign to the position of Kampala Woman Member of Parliament! And they all task me with representing them justly when I get to Parliament.

The former Makerere researcher is running for Kampala Woman MP in 2021 elections.



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