Museveni sent his guards to kill me- Bobi Wine


Yes, you may be a heartless, cold and brutal man at a personal level like all tyrants. But, at the very least, have some respect for the office which you currently occupy.

Under our Constitution (which you have severally crushed and undermined), a President is the fountain of honor of our nation. What that means is that a President must conduct himself or herself in an honorable manner.

I watched with shock as you commended your guards for torturing me properly. The expression on your face, and the satisfied laugh which followed clearly brought out what tragedy befell our country the day you captured power.

The stories, told many times, of your cold brutality all of a sudden became alive. The people of Uganda who watched you, found reason to believe that you find satisfaction in the suffering of people. The symbolism was clear – the way you relish the physical pain and suffering of your opponents is the same way you enjoy seeing Ugandans groan in pain, as poverty, hunger and disease take the better of them.

Victoria University

General Museveni, first and foremost you should stop treating our gallant men and women of the UPDF as your personal army.

These are our brothers and sisters. They are our fathers and mothers. They are from our generation. We live with them and understand their frustrations better than you do.

They complain to us about so much unfairness in promotions and how deployments are made. They complain to us about instances where people of higher ranks are ordered around by their juniors, simply because their juniors have a connection with someone in the system.

They speak to us and we listen to them. Because at the end of the day, when they put off their uniform, they are human beings and are ordinary Ugandans oppressed by your system, even harder than the ordinary citizens.

I still believe that your guards were sent to kill me that night. Yasin Kawuma took the bullets that were meant for me.

You had your plan, but God had another plan! May the Lord who saved me from you that night continue protecting me and all Ugandans who are involved in this struggle for freedom and democracy! (Read 1 Samuel 24:15).



  1. BW, world over, there is NO Government that has never killed whether the President knows or not, and this includes the “White Ldy” who was killed ate the Peak of Barrak Obama;s campaign, SHE was his former Girl friend! A s of now, do you know how many Americans have died on just a Month, many, people died in Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, U.K, Portland is still on fire! Me believes if M7 wanted you dead, he does not “His Boys”, may be just 1 soldier and one bullet!


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