Anite: Ofwono attacked for being gov’t mouthpiece


Police Thursday night swung into action to secure the distressed family of Ofwono Opondo that was under attack.

Panga-wielding men raided his Nasuuti home in Mukono district and turned it inside out.

“My daughter texted me and told me we are under attack,” Opondo said while appearing on NBS Frontline programme.

Four men with machetes locked his family in one room and turned every upside down.

Victoria University

“They asked them where I was. They were hoping to find me. The police has secured the home.”

According to opposition Chief Whip Ssemujju Nganda, if Opondo was contesting, he would say it was politically motivated.

“It is very difficult to establish why his home was attacked,” Nganda noted.

But State minister for Investment Evelyn Anite thinks it is politics because OO is the Spokesperson of Government.

Anyone who defends the government seems to have a star on their head, she said.

Anite condemned similar violence exhibited in NRM primaries which she lost to Dr Charles Ayume.

“It was not an issue of the gate being broken. The gate was intact. They jumped over the gate.”

“Even when they threw a weak candidate (Ayume) into the gate. It is my duty to make him stronger by teaching him the NRM ideology.”

“I chose peace. Koboko is three kilometres away from DRC that has war. This election is not a do or die. I don’t want the blood of people on my hands.”

She strongly condemned the violence that she saw in the countryside just to get the flag.



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