Museveni lauds Teso for pacifying region


The training and commissioning exercise of NRM coordinators in Eastern Uganda under the office of the national Chairman entered into it’s fourth day with the Wednesday 9 visit to Soroti.

The activity which was superintended over by the Personal Assistant to party Chairman Milky Babirye Babalanda was graced by delegates from the eleven Districts that make up the Subregion.

Key among the attendees at the function were; Fisheries and Disaster Preparedness Ministers Hellen Adoa and Musa Ecweru respectively, leaders from the district security councils, mobilisers and members of the informal sector among others.

Victoria University

Babalanda, who was also the chief facilitator of the session began by taking the group through what was expected of them under their new roles, where she said they would be tasked with three main duties all geared towards simplifying party Presidential Candidate Museveni’s victory in next year’s elections.

These would include mobilising for him, marketing his candidature and protecting his votes come the election day early next year. She tipped them on the need for hard work, commitment and selflessness while exciting their designated duties.

She however emphasised that their role will be strictly confined to executing only those duties in line with President Museveni’s campaigns and thus multi tasking will not be tolerated. She further offered the mobilisers with the option of choosing either to stay or leave if at all the new assignment would create a conflictof interests.

In a special message by President Museveni to the people of Teso that was delivered by Babalanda, the President lauded the region for supporting the party and pacifying the area, which he says has paved way for development in the area.

Museveni specifically singled out the role played by the leaders in defeating the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgence that had spilled to the subregion from Northern Ugandas  through the patriotic voluntary work of the Arrow boys in the mid 1990s. 

Museveni however expressed disappointment over the ugly wars amongst the leaders, saying it’s a norm that every leader that gets elevated in the country gets fought by their own party, a practise that he says has allowed opposition to blossom in the area.

He called for at most unity and among members and also called for a mechanism to sort any party differences that could have erupted from the just held MP primaries a head of next year.

Museveni equally castigated the raise of political camps within the ranks of the party which according to him is a viable breeding ground for disaster.

He conclusively launched the group and officially handed them the duty to mobilise and spearhead his next challenge come next year. 



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