FDC demands political parties money as Amuriat, Birigwa start campaigns

Ssemujju Nganda

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential aspirants Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa were supposed to commence joint sub-regional campaign meetings in greater Mukono today but that has been delayed.

Each candidate will continue with his separate campaigns up until end of this week when a new date will be announced.

The rest of the programme remains as announced last week.

These campaigns joint or individual, will be concluded with a delegate’s conference early next month (October).

Victoria University


The opposition has been stopped from addressing rallies, processions and even smaller meetings.

As the whole world saw, NRM politicians addressed rallies, led processions and violated every single measure announced by the Health Ministry to curtail the Spread of Covid.

Polling day was like a market. There was no washing of hands, no wearing of masks and no social distancing.

Large crowds gathered and people interacted freely at all polling areas.

Yet we have oppositions and ordinary citizens who are in cells for violating Covid measure.

“I think the NRM elections have demonstrated that it is possible to have a normal election. It is a risk but a possibility. As FDC, we have learnt and we will do like NRM has done. We want to thank them,” party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda said on Monday.

EC not releasing Political parties Money

The Electoral Commission has refused to release money meant to facilitate political parties’ activities.

“You are all aware that political parties represented in Parliament are entitled to some funding.”

The money for the last Financial Year’s quarter was not released. Money for the first quarter during this financial year has not been released yet we are in an election season.

“The idea we have been told is to further incapacitate political parties. We demand for the immediate release of political parties’ funding by the Electoral Commission,” he noted.



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