Minister Rukutana brandishes gun, tries to shoot voters


Labour State minister Mwesigwa Rukutana has been cited in another gun debacle.

According to reports, Rukutana Friday grabbed a gun from his bodyguard during the Rubaare chaotic scenes during NRM primaries in Ntungamo district.

The former Deputy Attorney General claimed he was trying to defend himself from armed people.

He claimed they came to his farm and blocked his family from leaving home on Election Day.

Victoria University

In the video, Rukutana grabs the AK47 from the guard in an attempt to shoot his confronters.

The guard acted quickly and removed the magazine.

Voting in Rubaare was halted after unknown people run away with the NRM register.

He was struggling in vain not to lose the election against Naome Kabasharira.

In the past election, Rukutana was seen carrying an AK47 gun while herding cows in his farmer.



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