Epidemiologist Katuntu dies ‘of Covid-19’


The death of David Katuntu, a Ugandan senior epidemiologist at Entebbe Hospital, was linked to COVID-19.

The state-run New Vision reported Thursday that Katuntu was admitted to the facility when he showed signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

He returned from upcountry with chest pain; went through (many) hospitals on Saturday and Sunday, all recommending that he goes to Entebbe because the signs were close to COVID-19.

On Monday night, the condition worsened.

Victoria University

He died this (Wednesday) morning at 11:00 am,” one of Katuntu’s associates said, adding that one of the deceased’s relatives (name withheld) and a helper, had been quarantined in the hospital.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, confirmed that Katuntu was suspected to have contracted COVID-19, but that he died a few hours after presenting with signs and symptoms.

“The samples had already been drawn for testing. We wait for the results, to ascertain whether the death was COVID-19-related. It is very unfortunate to lose him at such a critical time,” Ainebyoona said.

Epidemiologists like Katuntu are part of the multidisciplinary team for controlling disease outbreaks.



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