Ayume defeats Anite to take Koboko NRM flag


Dr Charles Ayume has convincingly defeated junior Investment minister Evelyn Anite to carry the ruling NRM flag for Koboko municipality.

According to provisional results, Ayume polled 8,089 votes against Anite’s 7,321 votes in the Friday primaries.

“It is not my fault that am admired by the opposition. The fact that opposition sees me as the “lesser evil” gives me confidence,” he told NBS television.

“I am a self-made man. I have worked for 16 years, and I will continue doing that.”

Victoria University

Dr Ayume said the campaigns were humbling, but most importantly, what had been portrayed is not what he saw on ground.

“Many people I talked to had never heard of the “Emyooga”. I am well brought up and that speaks for itself.”

He agreed the shoes are big but are up for the task.

“If you compare us (Koboko) to the rest of the country, we have all lot of catching up to do. The municipality is the face of the district, and I think it needed to be sanitized; the rest of Koboko will fall into place. I am the right man for the job.”

He went on: “No offense to Hon. Anite but she’s too loud. I would dare her to stand as an independent, I’ll defeat her the second time. I am going to drive the NRM bus in Koboko.”

Dr Ayume on his victory in the NRM Primaries: “I saw this coming, I am not really surprised. The biggest auditor of service delivery is the community. Data and reality speak for themselves.”

Anite, the Minister of State for Investment, had promised an 80% win to her supporters.

This is Ayume’s statement:

Family, friends & supporters, all good things come from God. Today is a great day! Thank you for believing in me and the legacy of my father. You have spoken loud and clear. I am humbled by your trust in me.

Anite arriving at a polling station

Thank you for a resounding victory. We have now overcome the first milestone in the journey and I have now been officially declared the winner of the NRM Primaries for Koboko Municipality, I thank God, the people of Koboko for your trust, & Uganda for the support extended to me & my family. I commit to remain a servant leader to the people of Koboko.

I pray the same choice is made in the national elections in 2021. To my sister Hon. Anite, thank you for the challenge & the leadership provided to our people, my best wishes in your endeavours.



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