5 cops arrested for siphoning fuel from truck


CP Fred Enanga, the Police spokesman, has addressed the media on the general security situation in the country.

Notably, he gave an update on the officers who were captured on video siphoning fuel from a truck.

The officers have been arrested and charged with discreditable conduct.

The officers were indentified as; No 31093 Sgt Okello Brian Sadik, No 56398 Cpl Dragudu Ceaser, No 37359 PC Oven Albert, No 50449 PC Ocen Christopher and No 52819 PC Adoro Anthony.

Victoria University

The video went viral in different social media platforms.

The 29th August 2020 incident was reported to police by AIP Okurut Eric Commander.

He is incharge IHP from Karuma-Pakwach where a fuel tanker Reg No CGO 1296AA-06/CGO 1297AA-06 carrying petrol from Eldoret enroute Uganda to DRC had overturned at Wipolo, Agung, Anaka S/County along Karuma- Arua highway in Nwoya District causing spillage of petrol.

Police acted and integrated highway police based at Agung.

Immediately dispatched to secure the scene given its risk to the surrounding community members and road users.

General duty personnel and UPDF officers were equally dispatched to reinforce the integrated highway and traffic personnel already at the scene.



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