Museveni: mine must be nicest dictatorship


Museveni’s dictatorship? This must be the nicest dictatorship where people like a one Musoke Jack wonder how you have a President who is not intelligent.

After the lockdown, I invite Musoke Jack to visit me at Rwakitura and see that this unintelligent person can look after himself and started long ago, before joining State leadership. Insulting me is nothing.

However, the no go area is carrying out the agenda of evil foreigners here or dividing Ugandans using sectarianism.

We shall defeat those schemes by all the legal means. This missive is just endozo. We patiently explain because there is nothing hidden.

Sebyala Salim is tired of the old song. Unfortunately, old songs tend to persist for a long time. You remember the 10 commandments of Moses? They are still with us, 4000 years after Moses. Some things change but others persist. We handle each accordingly.

Victoria University

Alexander Mourice says the LDUs have killed more People than the corona. Up to the 21st of July, 2020, nobody had died from corona because of the measures we took which Mourice is not happy with.

However, now the wish of the Mourices that more Ugandans die from corona is slowly being realized. We are now at 32. The total number of Ugandans killed by indisciplined LDUs and SPCs is 6. All the killers have been arrested and they are being prosecuted.

These six incidents, only some being committed by the LDUs, are out of 5,919 LDUs that we have trained and deployed in Kampala area. The LCIs and people like Dickson Namisi all bear witness that the LDUs reduced crime in the affected areas. Always balance negative with positive.

Then you get responders like Fredrick Tonny, who apart from viciously attacking Hajarah Muganizi for being friendly with Museveni, declares that Museveni does not care about the suffering of the Ugandans in the lockdown.

Totally illogical. Is it Museveni who went to China and brought bats from the caves that were infected with Corona and made them to start infecting the Chinese, who, then, infected all the others? Is it Museveni who, then travelled to China, Dubai, etc. in order to import the virus?

Museveni’s mistake for which God will reward him is that for 4½ months, he prevented even a single Ugandan to die of covid. It was on 21st Of July 2020, that the first Ugandan died. Since that time, a total of 32 have died.

Unfortunate but much much less than what happened in some of the other countries. Many sectors of the economy were affected.

We knew this but we had to save life and we succeeded. Besides, we are indigenous to this area. In all our ancient history, we get these challenges: epidemics of human diseases or livestock diseases: small pox, sleeping sickness (mwongoota), rinder pest, etc.

When we respond correctly, people survive and recover. Today, I have thousands of cattle; but in 1893, my great-grandfather, Kashaanku, saved only seven cattle. It is from those, that the thousands I have today descended and so did those of my uncles etc.

When the sleeping sickness attacked the Ssesse Islands and much of North Ankole (Isingiro, Nyabushozi, etc.), the Colonial Government had enough sense to depopulate the area and relocate the People.

That is why, even today, the Ssesse Islands have got a few People. However, the People survived.

That is how you get the Kawanga Ssemwogereres, the Serwangas, the Katumba Wamalas, etc. They are Bassesse who were saved by relocation. A lot of property was lost but the People were saved.



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