I’m in pain, says Asan Kasingye

Body is weak and in pain but the soul is strong, says police chief Asan Kasingye.

The Police Chief Political Commissar is down with Covid19.

“I love Y’all,” he said Tuesday.

Kasingye advised Ugandans to take Ministry of Health guidelines seriously especially the Mask.

“Life is precious. Your family needs you.”

” My son asks whether I will be ok and tells me how much they miss me.”

Kasingye said no one should joke, rejoice or politicize this pandemic.

“Keep the spirit. Don’t surrender your safety into the hands of others.”

” Actually, live as if you are positive. That means, vow never to pass it on to others. That way, your mask will remain on at all times. Not like these guys.”

He met with his professional writer on Saturday.

He tested negative on Thursday.

“Little did we know a new chapter awaited us.”

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