You sold your soul to devil, Nyanzi tells Mivule


Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi has lashed at Basajja Mivule for joining the ruling NRM party.

According to Nyanzi, leaving National Unity Platform to join NRM is no more than asking a rapist to rape you.

This is her statement:

1) Basajja Mivule, I totally understand your pain,
But I don’t understand why you sold your soul to the devil.

Victoria University

2) It is painful to be insulted by newbies in the struggle,
But it is an insult to the struggle to cross over to dictator Museveni.

3) It stings when the leader of the newbies is silent about your character-assassination.
But it is betrayal for you to willingly bend over for rape by dictator Museveni.

4) It is sad to receive no tribesmen-visitors carrying food for you in jail,
But it is self-defeating to run full throttle to the poisoned breast of the beast taunting our country.

5) It is scary to be targeted for arrest, interrogation, jail, trumped up charges and trial,
But it stains the core to cross over to the enemy of the people.

6) It is degrading to be falsely accused of eating Museveni’s blood money,
But why would anyone burn up himself with acid in exchange for the dream of a car?

7) Basajjamivule, believe me, I understand your pain,
But why are you joining he who rapes Mother Uganda?
Why join your rapist in raping yourself?



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