Jinja boat disaster: UPDF marines recover Shakira’s body


UPDF Marine Unit at River Nile has since been involved in a search and rescue operation on River Nile, involving a boat cruise accident.

The accident involved a fibre glass boat and an open canoe at Kiira dam.

The accident involved some Pakistani tourists and others yet to be identified.

The UPDF Marine Unit has since rescued one Okidi Patrick who jumped off a seemingly rescue boat.

Victoria University

Deputy army spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki said those on the second boat were a boy one Alwi Jaffer 9 years, his father Mr Alwi Al Ahamed all admitted at Nile Hospital.

Unfortunately Mr Alwiz’s wife Hosper Shakira died in the accident.

Her body has since been recovered.

Amir Alwi, one of the family members and an unidentified black man who was an engineer on rescue mission are missing.

Efforts to get their bodies are still on going, Akiiki said.



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