I reject Bobi Wine’s drug empire, Mivule joins NRM


TV presenter and commentator Basajja Mivule has defected from National Unity Platform and joined the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

He announced the defection Monday at Eureka hotel in Ntinda.

He was unveiled to the media by events promoter Balaam Barugahara.

“I refuse to worship any other king in this country,” he lashed out.

Victoria University

“I don’t subscribe to Bobi Wine’s kingdom. If you talk about him, they want to cut off your head.”

Mivule said he is determined to crush this kingdom that is more notorious than Idi Amin’s.

He vowed to hit back at People Power and NUP.

“WE can’t be muzzled as we see an empire being prepared to b established in our country.”

He called it an empire of homosexuals, drug addicts, wrong elements and criminals.

“We can’t allow that. When they say Basajja Movule has defected, I never at one point participated in such a struggle.”

“A struggle where you abuse people, nobody has a right to insult me.”

Basajja said at his age and what he has done for the country, he qualifies to be a statesman.

“Who are these goons and hooligans abusing people?”

“I wouldn’t attack them if they had kept their idiocy to themselves. But now that they want to spread their idiocy to us, we will pull out of claws and attack them.”

Mivule asked the NRM government to give him a car for his services to the Nation.

He concluded with an assurance that Bobi Wine will never become president of Uganda.



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