Covid19 taskforce to meet on opening schools, churches, bars


President Museveni has said the Covid19 national taskforce will meet to decide on whether to open schools, churches and bars.

He made the remarks Saturday while hosting Covid19 National Prayers with First Lady Janet at State House Entebbe.

“I am happy that the religious leaders and my own views are now converging on the subject of humans taking dominion of the earth as instructed by God,” Museveni said.

“In 1962, we had a scripture union youth camp in Nabugabo where people were saying the role of Christians was to just pray, avoid work and that God would take care of us. I didn’t agree.”

Victoria University

“Then in 1965, I brought a motion that we should condemn Ian Smith of Rhodesia for oppressing people but the Christians refused, instead accusing me of backsliding. That’s how I left the scripture union and went into some other work.”

Museveni said unlike AIDS, he will get a vaccine and cure for Covid-19.

“But in the meantime, let us avoid it by being disciplined.”

He was glad that the majority of Ugandans listened to the message.

He said there is a minority that doesn’t listen and still pose a problem.

The saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

In Kampala, people listen to multiple advice, explaining why cases are highest here.

Out of the 29 who have died, 20 are from Kampala.

“I would like to use this occasion to appeal to Ugandans that (Obwato buffa magoba) the boat disintegrates as it nears the shore. We have a few months to finish this issue but we should not fail now.”

He said the national Covid-19 taskforce will meet on Tuesday to see what to do with the schools, churches, bars, and others.

Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng

“But people should be the custodians of their own health.”

“I got this idea of special prayers from Bishop Kwefuga of Kiruhura and I agreed to it. I thank him.”



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