Bobi Wine deserves prison- Mabirizi


City lawyer Male Mabirizi wants National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in prison.

“KYAGULANYI deserves JAIL when he insists that he was born in 1982 & not 1980,” Mabirizi said on Sunday.

“This is his own signed S.6 UNEB Registration form of 1998 stating that he was then 18 years hence born in 1980…he will be CONVICTED…”

Mabirizi was responding to Bobi Wine’s statement Saturday indicating that his information had bee altered on the website of Parliament.

“My year of birth was altered from 1982 to 1980 without my knowledge,” Bobi Wine said.

Victoria University

“I immediately called the IT department of Parliament and they claimed not to know who made that change.”

He tasked them to explain that and will be speaking to the Director soon.

“In the meantime, they rectified the anomaly immediately.”

He called it ” usual desperate attempts by the regime to block, embarrass or detract its opponents”.

Dissatisfied, Mabirizi retorted, “… here he is struggling with 2 dates of birth.

“How can a Presidential Aspirant fight so hard to be called young yet documents show otherwise? This man is NOT qualified for election as President…”



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