Stella Nyanzi: I’m a fighter in Besigye’s Plan B

Stella and Mwafirika at Kasangati

My sister, friend and comrade, Nana Mwafrika Mbarikiwa and I are attentively listening to the People’s President Dr Kizza Besigye as he unveils, explains and invites us to participate in PLAN B.

Plan B is about fighting for what is ours: our rights, our freedoms, our resources, our justice. The mission of our fight is two-fold: we must fight for our survival particularly in these COVID19-deprived times, and we must organise specific groups (e.g. bodabodas, arcaders, students, health workers, workers with money in NSSF, tenants and landlords, religious leaders, etc) to fight against their specific forms of oppression.

Plan B draws from our long history of fighting for freedom from our colonisers. It is premised upon Article 3 of the Constitution of Uganda which gives us a constitutional duty of containing and reversing the usurping of our power. It is aimed at removing the dictatorship and reclaiming our power. Plan B supports Plan A of reclaiming power through the national elections. Plan A supports Plan B.

In Plan B, we must turn all oppressed Ugandans into fighters; freedom fighters. How do we fight? There is a whole range of means, tools, methods and forms of fighting for freedom.

Victoria University

“As a freedom fighter you learn the hard way that the means of fighting are actually dictated by your oppressor,” Nelson Mandela was quoted directly by the People’s President. Our means of fighting for freedom will be determined by how dictator Museveni is oppressing is.

For the fight to happen successfully, ordinary oppressed Ugandans must transform themselves into fighters because fighting is an acquired skill. Firstly, one must determine mentally that oppression is unacceptable and must be fought against. One must decide not to acquiesce, not to comply, not to be cowed down. The first clarion call is for us to work hard to raise the awareness of those around us that the oppression must be resisted, fought and won! Awaken every oppressed Ugandan to this demand

Secondly, we must organise. If we don’t organise, we shall agonise. Organisation calls for having a network of leaders who want to fight for our rights and freedoms. The People’s Government is a ready facilitator for these processes of freeing ourselves from the dictator’s oppression.

How do we organise? One: in our fight, the line is drawn between the oppressed and the oppressor. There are no lines between the oppressed; we organise in non-partisan mode. All forces of change must be united. Fire across the line we have demarcated, don’t fire at other oppressed comrades. Two: there are visible networks of public leaders who champion our struggle i.e. the People’s Government. But the bulk of our organisation must not be seen. We maintain convert teams. As long as one is known, they will be targeted, attacked, bribed, compromised, etc by the people’s enemy. When the work is over, the country will know the heroes. Our history will be told.

Thirdly, we must fight! Prepare mentally, organise, train, and then fight. When we are ready, we shall engage in battles with those who have captured us. We shall fight until we win. Plan B is God’s plan because it is a plan for freedom.

For me, I am a fighter in Plan B! Teri kuzikiza….

Stella Nyanzi is the aspiring Woman MP for Kampala city.



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