Bobi Wine killing his own supporters to blame me- Museveni


President Museveni has accused Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of killing his own supporters in order to blame government.

In a statement on Thursday, Museveni openly called out the National Unity Platform (NUP) for being backed by foreigners “who do not want a strong Uganda”.

“These groups have been in collusion with foreign enemies to infiltrate groups with guns to kill demonstrators and say that Government is the one killing them,” Museveni revealed.

“We are patiently following up those. You remember the piki piki riding killers that killed Abiriga, Kirumira, 8 Kiggundu etc.? We have defeated them and we shall unearth them.”

Victoria University

He said the NRM Government, which Bobi Wine’s ally and Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake calls “the regime”, is the enemy of the People because it has closed People’s businesses.

According to Zaake, by the Government suspending economic activities that were going to result in mass deaths as has happened in other countries, it became the enemy of the People.

“I am very happy to engage in that debate with anybody.”

First of all, Zaake and a few others are a misguided group being used by some foreigners to destabilize Uganda and for many months now, Museveni said.

“You remember their actions in Parliament when they jumped on tables, tore away the microphones of Parliament, beat others. Here is the video.”

Arua fracas

In Arua, they stoned his vehicle and attacked NRM supporters who were coming from my rally.

“They had even driven a road grader (tinga tinga) all the way from Kampala, I think, to use in ramming our vehicles (kutomera).”

He sad the SFC soldiers in a disciplined way delivered him to the helicopter first and went looking for the ring-leaders – Bobi Wine, Zaake and others.

Eventually, they found them in a hotel.

“These wonderful gentlemen tried to assault our soldiers with punches.”

The soldiers punched them back until they subdued them.

Museveni said it is very impressive that the soldiers never used guns against Bobi Wine and Zaake in the hotel rooms where they were making a fool of themselves trying to box soldiers as if they were boxing village thieves.

“One person died outside the hotel in mysterious circumstances.”

The person in question was Bobi Wine’s personal driver Yasin Kawuma.

Red berets

There is the issue of red-berets by Bobi-Wine’s group, Museveni pointed out.

The ones handling issues of political parties should address this, first, logically and, then legally.

“I do not want to put on the green beret of UPDF for politics.”

Museveni said politics is peaceful dialogue or arguments but not for war attire.

“It is the brown shirts of Hitler who used to put on berets.”



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