Turkana cattle rustlers kill LDU in Karamoja

Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso

UPDF has beefed up security in Terego and Zombo (West Nile) due to increased hostility emanating from both political activities and cross boarder criminal activities COVID 19 in the same areas have surged.

In Karamoja, UPDF forces have continued to search for the remaining weapons and cattle rustlers who crossed from Turkana in Kenya with their allies in Uganda.

“Yesterday unfortunately our LDU Number AX 026325 Nangol Mariko was killed as a small group of these thieves were engaged,” said army spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso.

The cows stolen were recovered and two guns recovered in Napak district in Lokopo subcounty.

Victoria University

In the same area, in Amudat district, Kongorok subcounty, a swarm of locusts landed but was destroyed by UPDF spray team.

UPDF is considering reinforcing UPF across the country together with LDUs to counter already increasing criminal activities under the cover of electioneering.

Plans are under way to have a detailed security plan.



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