HIV infections among young reduces by 34%

Dr. Eddie Sefuluya Mukooyo Chairman, Uganda AIDS Commission

On behalf of Uganda AIDS Commission, I am greatly honoured to welcome you all to the 13th Joint Annual AIDS Review, 2020 which is virtual.

You are all most welcome.1. Thank you for prioritizing this JAR amidst your tight schedules, during this period of COVID19. This is a testimony of the importance you attach to the HIV Response and ending AIDS as a public health threat in Uganda by 2030.

 The Theme for the 2019 JAR is: “Ending AIDS: Leaving no one Behind’’.

Uganda AIDS Commission annually conducts AIDS Reviews to assess progress as well as fulfil reporting obligations both nationally and internationally as stipulated in the NSP.

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The review also provides an opportunity to assess the country’s contribution to the global efforts to end the AIDS pandemic in line with the United Nations post- 2015 agenda that commits to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. We will also look back at the trends for the last five years of the previous NSP 2015-2020.

The Government of Uganda, AIDS Development Partners (ADPs), UN Agencies and private sectors have invested heavily in the HIV response, and I would like to appreciate your enormous contributions both financially and materially.  It is therefore imperative that we inform the country of the successes registered, challenges faced in the implementation and chart ways forward to improve on our future programming.

Whereas, Uganda has made tremendous progress in combating the HIV and AIDS epidemic through implementation of innovative public health strategies to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, HIV remains poses a significant public health threat.

Uganda is just ended implementing the last years of the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP) (2015/16- 2019/20) and has developed a new HIVStrategic Plan 2020-2025. 

This Joint Annual Review Report (JAR 2020), the fifth to be prepared as part of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the National Strategic Plan (NSP) (2015/16-2019/20), will document progress made towards realization of the set targets over the last five years of implementation of the Plan.

8. The Government of Uganda has developed the fifth National HIV and AIDS Strategic plan (NSP2020/21- 2024/25) which will be launched tomorrow by the Rt Hon. Prime Minister.

I thank the Development Partners for their enormous contribution toward HIV/AIDS response in Uganda and I call upon them to continue with this spirit and joint hand with the Government to fight this scourge which has become a public health threat to the Country which we are thriving to end it by 2030.I especially thank the Irish government for financial towards this meeting.

I wish to thank His Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda for his exemplary leadership and championing the fight against HIV and AIDS in Uganda

Distinguished Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen, as I conclude, I urge all the participants for active participation and to provide valuable contributions and recommendations to inform our undertakings and input for the HIV and AIDS programming for the next National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan.

I wish all of you fruitful deliberations and discussions 


Dr. Eddie Sefuluya Mukooyo

Chairman, Uganda AIDS Commission



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