Ugandans land in Tanzania, Rwanda to escape quarantine

Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso

UPDF spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso Wednesday addressed the media about the security situation in the country in relation to the COVID19 pandemic.

Sooner than later, LDU will get back to augment police in enforcing curfew due to increased flouting of the directives against COVID19, she told press at Uganda Media Centre.

She said a number of bars are operating and many motorists are seen on the road beyond 9pm.

“We continue to get challenges on several people trying to cross the border illegally despite heavy deployments along all our frontiers.”

Victoria University

Now Ugandans coming from as far as the Middle East have opted to come land in Tanzania.

A case in point is Ssekiziba Stephen who was intercepted yesterday crossing the border illegally after landing in Tanzania from Dubai.

All those opting for this way of entering the country will be quarantined and later prosecuted.

“We are still coordinating with our counter parts on the Rwandan side in a case involving illegal entry through ungazetted route of one Mr Kabagambe Edward a resident of Katuna trading centre who was arrested inside Rwanda on 21st Aug 2020.”



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