Nyanzi spits as Bobi Wine sacks Lubega, vows to sue Museveni

Samuel Lubega

Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi has spoken out on changes within the National Unity Platform after the party made Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine its presidential flagbearer.

“Where are those naysayers who were bad-mouthing me for refusing to join NUP and I instead chose to remain loyal to my party FDC and the People Power movement? Where are your dirty gossiping tongues that called me a naive amateur and beginner in politics? Are you ready to eat up your vomit about me?” she said on Tuesday.

“Did you want me to be like the seasoned politician who was caught with his pants down because he belonged to both NUP and his former political party DP? Did you want me to pretend to be a member of NUP yet my loyalties were still with my party FDC? Do you prefer the snakes and vipers hiding inside NUP and carrying your new party cards?”

She commisserated with Samuel Walter Mukaaku Lubega for his dismissal from the Vice Leadership of NUP’s Electoral Commission.

Victoria University

“I also celebrate that his dismissal highlights my honesty. I refused to hypocritically get the NUP card yet my heart was totally sold out to FDC. I was honest in my loyalty to both FDC and to People Power. I was law abiding in my refusal to join NUP. Oba kakati ba falla abali banvuma bakitegera?”

The party said it made some changes in Elections Management Committee to add more members on this Committee and re-assign some of the pre-existing members.

“Prospective NUP candidates are strongly prohibited from giving anyone bribes in exchange for promises of being made our flag bearer in the general elections,” reads the statement.

No corrupt action shall not be tolerated, the party said.

Fundraising drive

On Tuesday, Bobi Wine officially launched a national fundraising drive in preparation for the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

“All types of donations whether financial or material donations are appreciated. You may donate cash or fuel, posters, etc,” said People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi.

“Our official Mobile Money number on which you may deposit a donation is +256-703-636-363, registered in the name ‘Daniel Oyerwot’. Alternatively, you may donate via https://peoplepower.org.ug/donate/. We shall announce more donation options in due course. If you try to donate through the mobile number but receive a message saying the number has reached it’s daily transaction limit, kindly try again the following day or donate via the website provided in the link above.”

Suing Museveni

 “We have taken note of the comments by President Yoweri Museveni in which he admitted without compulsion to have condoned the 2018 torture in Arua and attempted assassination of our leader Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi.”

“Through domestic and international fora, we shall take legal action against Mr. Museveni and other masterminds of this heinous crime.”

Bobi Wine says he’s going to use President Museveni statement during the passing out of police officers in Masindi last week as evidence to incriminate him on charges of torture in the International criminal court.

Kyagulanyi was speaking at the National Unity platform headquarters in Kamwokya where he also launched a campaign to raise funds to be used during the forthcoming general elections.

Museveni praised his Special Forces Command [SFC] guards for properly beating Bobi Wine in the 2018 Arua fracas.



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