Aceng, Atwine comb Lango on corona mission

Aceng and Atwine with their team in Lango

The Ministry of Health- Uganda technical support Supervision of Health services in Lango Sub Region today enters Day Three.

The Ministry’s top leadership led by Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, the accounting  officer/ PS   Dr. Diana Atwine and the Director  General  Health  Services  Dr Henry  Mwebesa will use the  situation  on the ground   to plan and prioritize  urgent matters as per the findings.

While speaking at  Amach Health  Centre 1V   Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero appealed to health  workers to serve the population  with determination  but most importantly  to ensure a very clean Hospital  environment  that is cognizant  of high  levels of infection  prevention  control 

Dr. Diana Atwine while speaking at Amach health facility said the Health sector leadership is determined to end maternal mortality.

Victoria University

On COVID-19 prevention, she asked health workers to ensure they have a high level of suspicion while handling  all patients.

“Assume that everyone  around you has COVID-19 with this health workers need to ensure they have PPE on while on duty.

The Director  General  Health  Services  Dr Mwebasa while touring Agur Health Centre  IV  in Lira District  but outside the newly created Lira  City  motivated  health workers  to ensure that they attend to patients at all times.

He was impressed  that health workers  were attending  to patients  who all had their  face masks on to prevent COVID-19.

At Aromo Health  Centre III, the Girector General  promised  health  workers that the maternity  ward will be quickly  rehabilitated  to stop mothers from travelling  longer journeys  seeking  for reproductive  services.

Last year, Ministry  of Health  of Health  conducted  support technical  Supervision  in Kigezi Sub Region and also the Bunyoro Sub Region. Kigezi sub region has a very difficult terrain  whereas the Bunyoro sub Region  is busy with oil and gas related activities  which attract high demand for Health  services.

The Team includes among  others Director  Currative Services, Dr Charles Olaro, Director  Governance  and Regulation  Dr Joseph Okware, Commissioner  HRM  Mr Patrick  Okero, Commissioner  HPE&C Dr Richard  Kabanda, Commissioner  Nursing  Sister B. Amunge, Commissioner  Planning Dr Sarah Byakika, Commissioner  Clinical Services, Dr Amone Jackson Commissioner  Partnerships  Mr Tom Chandia Aliti, Ass Commissioner Partnerships Dr Timothy Musila, technical  staffs Joshua  Joshua Musasizi, Ivan Kigudde and the author  and the SPRO-MOH  Emmanuel  Ainebyoona.



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