Ndeeba church masterminds jailed as Nakalema ups #ExposeTheCorrupt

The suspects

On Monday, court remanded to prison three key suspects implicated in the destruction of St. Peters Church-Ndeeba.

They are; Dodoviko Mwanje “the mastermind”, KCCA official Ivan Katongole and SP Martin Odero.

They are charged together with 17 others.

No impunity, expose the corrupt

Victoria University

“No impunity. No corruption. May justice prevail,” said Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the head of State House Anticorruption Unit.

Speaking at the launch of “Expose The Corrupt” awareness campaign at State House recently, Nakalema said her unit has investigated cases whose financial value is UGX. 250Billion.

She shared that so far, SHACU has saved UGX. 20Billion for government of Uganda.  

This includes: UGX.8Bn saved from inflated covid19 food relief, UGX.3.6Bn from inflated compensation of Bukasa port affected persons, UGX.1.7Bn recovered from labour externalization companies and UGX. 730Mn recovered from gaming & lottery board.

Nakalema indicated that SHACU coordinated the repatriation of 6 Ugandans that passed way in Arab countries.

So far, 153 persons have been arraigned in court these include: a member of parliament, a permanent secretary, a Bank of Uganda director, an undersecretary, commissioners, CAOs, etc.

In total, 123 public officials have been interdicted.

Nakalema concluded her remarks by sharing that SHACU has intervened in murder cases, land grabbing and theft in various regions across the country.

She concluded by thanking President Museveni for his continued guidance and strong leadership in leading the fight against corruption.

In his remarks, the Deputy Inspector General of Government [IGG] Mr George Bamugemereire thanked Museveni for setting up the various anti-corruption agencies.

He indicated that is a strong partnership across the different anti-corruption agencies.

Bamugemereire has pointed out that there are many incidences of corruption in the procurement functions across GOU.

To remedy this, all GOU procurements are being digitized and the Electronic Government Procurement system will soon be launched by PPDA Uganda and NITA-Uganda.

Museveni directed Nakalema to keep in close contact with the business community, they have information that will aid in the fight against corruption in the procurement function of Government.

At least 160 persons have been charged before Courts of Law out of whom 128 are public officers currently on interdiction and 30 are Private Companies/Individuals. 14 of these persons have been convicted.



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