Police closes Naguru headquarters in coronavirus scare

Naguru police headquarters

Police has closed its Naguru based headquarters after its senior officer tested positive for coronavirus.

CP Fred Enanga made the revelation Monday while addressing the media on steps taken by the top Police management on the fight against the spread of COVID19 at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

“Police headquarters temporarily closed for 3 days to enable the process of decontamination, fumigation and testing of personnel for COVID19,” he said.

This comes a day after the Chief Political Commissar of Police, AIGP Asan Kasingye tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Victoria University

AIGP Kasingye confirmed on Sunday afternoon through a tweet that he had tested positive for the virus.

“Bad news. I’ve tested positive with Covid-19,” Kasingye tweeted.

Media reports say that tension is high as people who were in contact with AIGP Kasingye in the last one week are being traced for testing.

Kasingye who is known for attending all major police functions on Friday missed the pass out of 4,809 police trainees at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi District.

Kasingye, according to senior police officers at Naguru, of recent has been meeting a number of people among others police officers, civilians and people donating items to the police force.

Some of the people Kasingye met recently include UNICEF team that donated Personal Protective Equipment.

Kasingye reportedly attended last week’s Policy Advisory Committee -PAC chaired by Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola.

However, this week’s PAC was cancelled as directors had traveled to Kabalye PTS for the pass-out.



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