Museveni lauds army Covid19 fight, slams graft


Museveni lauds army for serious Covid19 fight

President Museveni has praised the army for fighting against the new coronavirus scourge.

He was officiating at the graduation (pass out) of 4325 soldiers at Kaweweta Recruits Training School.

On Friday, he passed out 4809 policemen.

They finished well and there was not a single case of Covid because of discipline, he said.

Victoria University

At Kaweweta, he passed out over 4000 soldiers and no one has the COVID19.

“I thank the army and police for being serious in the fight against Covid19 and challenge other people to do the same.”

He thanked the Commanders for training these soldiers.

“I have seen improvement in skills. We will need to sit together and add more items on the syllabus.”

He was happy to hear that there are 5 of the recruits with Masters degrees , 436 with bachelors degrees , 538 with diplomas and 726with certificates.

The rest have O’ and A level certificates.

“It is good to have educated people in the army, they learn quickly.”

On corruption cropping up in the army, Museveni said he is going to eliminate it so that all the resources go to supporting the welfare of the soldiers.

He also commissioned Infrastructure development works here at the training school.

“I am happy that infrastructure has improved in other training schools like Singo, Karama and other army establishments around the country.”

“I once again congratulate the graduates and the army leadership.”



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