Covid19: 66 arrested in Ntinda, Bunga


The territorial police of Kira Road carried out a joint operation to enforce the Ministry of Health guidelines yesterday ( 23/08/2020) at around 9pm in Ntinda and Kiwatule.

This was after receiving a complaint from one of the news dailies alleging that a lot of people would gather in a certain apartment located in Balintuma village near Firidina Road then drink while playing loud music, which disrupted the peace of the people and also defy the presidential directives on gatherings.

There was fear that their inconsiderate behaviour could lead to the spread Covid-19 with in their village.

The officers accessed the apartment and managed to arrest seven suspects as others fled upon seeing the police.

The seven are now detained at Kira Road Police Station on allegations of disobedience lawful orders, and also doing a negligent act likely to spread an infectious disease.


In a related incident, Kabalagala Police also carried out an operation in Bunga at Nomads Bar where 49 people including the owner of the bar, Fred Kamau, and his eight managers were arrested.

All are detained at Kabalagala Police Station on allegations of doing a negligent act likely to spread an infection of a disease.



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