Court upholds Nsenga 20-year jail term

Uwera Nsenga

The Court of Appeal has upheld the 20-year jail sentence handed to Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga who was found guilty of murdering her husband.

Three justices on Monday concurred with the High Court judge, Mr Duncan Gaswaga who convicted Nsenga of murdering her husband Juvenal Kananura Nsenga by running him over with a car at their home in Bugolobi, Kampala in January 2013.

They are; Justices Owiny- Dollo, Elizabeth Musoke and Barishaki Cheborion.

They ruled that prosecution proved Nsenga’s crime beyond reasonable doubt.

Victoria University

The justices concluded that Nsenga’s appeals failed to show any merit hence no reason to lift her sentence.

Nsenga had appealed her 20-year jail term saying that the judge erred when he relied on unofficial translations of Kananura’s supposed dying declarations ‘my wife has killed me’ which were in their mother tongue Kinyarwanda by importing legal meaning to them.

Through her lawyer, David Mpanga, Nsenga had asked the Court of Appeal to quash the conviction and sentence reasoning that prosecution did not submit any certified translations of the supposed dying declarations.

Nsenga also accused Justice Gaswaga of failing to properly evaluate evidence on record.

She said her husband was in the car when it accelerated accidentally and knocked the gate open occasioning injuries on the deceased which ultimately caused his death.



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