Besigye: we’ve failed our mission to transfer power

Besigye: how can you be tired of me, be tired of Museveni

Besigye at NBS television

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says an election is purposed to get leaders to serve.

“It is to get workers that you are in charge of. The question is, “Are Ugandans in charge of their employees?”” he wondered Monday morning while appearing on NBS television.

Besigye said he had a slight flicker of hope that with the population coming up, Museveni would have some remorse to allow for a transition.

“It became clear that it won’t happen. Nobody in FDC believes that an election will result in declaring somebody else other than Mr. Museveni as the president.”

He said there is a window in the electoral process for them to talk to the people and get the message through. That remains important.

Victoria University

“Our candidates will have a message of deliberation. Our message is that power will not be handed back to us. Ugandans must fight for it.”

“The prize that I am looking for is not to become the President. The prize is to have a country with citizens that have rights. I don’t care who leads.”


He promised to support anybody who has a liberation message.

On those complaining of Besigye fatigue, he said: “I don’t feed on public pockets, how can you be tired of me? You should be tired of Museveni, not me.”

Museveni’s betrayal?

Last Thursday, Besigye explained his decision not to stand in 2021, arguably the most discussed development in the events building up to the next general election.

“I believed in him (Museveni), I was passionately supporting everything he did and then all of a sudden things started opening up one by one,” Besigye told Patrick Kamara, the host of NTV “On The Spot” programme.

“I never aspired or dreamt of going into elective politics, even when I was totally aware of the challenge that faced the country through this fake leadership.”

Besigye said he witnessed in the 2011 general elections confirmed to me that the problem is not organisation but simply the gun rule.

He asked young people to interrogate themselves on how they are going to survive.

“They must be clear what their mission is as a generation. In our generation, we served our mission and we were clear, our mission was to transfer power but we have failed.”

He said this is not a Besigye problem (struggle for liberation), this is an existential problem for this country.

“There is absolutely no way we are going to enjoy this beautiful weather, land and water if we have no capacity to claim and defend our country.”

“What I continue to dwell on is that this is not about me, it will never be and it will be extremely wrong missing the point thinking that this is about Kyagulanyi or any of us, this is about everybody.”

Besigye said he has no intention of persuading Ugandans about what it is that advised his departure beyond what he has said.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If we want to change from gun rule to people rule, the method we use from the beginning to end is the main strategy.”

“I’m offering leadership but I’m not offering it to people that are not participating. Its important especially for platforms that are serious about causing change in Uganda to have a very intense direct conversation on strategy because if we are pulling in different directions, it undermines the connectivity.”

“I can tell you without the slightest fear of contradiction that I will support all candidates that advocate to the people of Uganda the urgency of liberation.”

He said unity amongst people with vested interest is not easy to achieve.

“If we are united, we can have change in one week. How many teachers made Museveni speak English and how many of them can afford UGX3M for nomination? If teachers of the country cannot be nominated then what kind of electoral process is this? Is it exclusive?”

“We can only have a free and fair election if this junta goes off and the country is reset in some form or manner structurally so that we have institutions that are independent but also, so that some people can have some sense of security.”

Besigye said when he left FDC, he did not leave the struggle.

“I’m not going to contest for elections but I will fight for my freedom vigorously. I have always said that I came into politics to advance freedoms and rights that can give rise to equal rights under the law, equal opportunities and all full range of rights.”

“I wake up everyday to do what I can the way I can and everybody should do the same for their country.”

He said there is money to save Ugandans which is being wrongly applied.

“We can change this, we don’t have to go by the calendar of our oppressors.”



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