Besigye: State House took Corona cash, hyenas ate relief food

Kizza Besigye

Opposition figure Dr. Kizza Besigye has said the rise in Covid19 numbers is due to how government responded to the pandemic.

“We made a good decision to lockdown early. Regrettably, everybody was locked except trucks that are the best mode of dissemination,” he said Monday morning while appearing on NBS television.

According to him, the truck phenomenon, which continued, was a fundamental failure.

He said the surveillance continued only at the border and the contacts of those who had entered through the airport in the first two weeks.

Victoria University

“We didn’t know what was going on in the community. Even now, testing in the community is very low.”

Besigye appearing on NBS

Besigye said what was unreasonable was testing the truck drivers and letting them move before the results are confirmed.

The overall lack of planning explains the panicky response to the coronavirus.

“We didn’t have a single bag of food or money to purchase food. We first had to go and borrow money that was eaten by mafias.”

He said how the population responds to the pandemic depends on the respect and trust they have in the people disseminating the information. It is important that they are believable and trusted.

The population has no trust. People were afraid at the beginning, but what they saw didn’t encourage them to continue paying attention, Besigye noted.

“The money borrowed was divided immediately. Some of it was taken to Museveni’s State House and another part to the army.”

“There was no additional security that would necessitate money allocation. Was it for spying on the pandemic?”


He said the masses saw the MPs getting UGX 20 million each while they starve in their homes.

“We are stuck with hyenas keeping our food. We have no money. Even salaries that are being paid are borrowed money. We are a country in a deep crisis.”

“We have a terrible governance situation. The ordinary people in this country must have their own survival plan rather than depending on hyenas.”

He went on: “A lockdown is desirable, but no longer available to us. We are now on our own. I have been telling people to work on their immunity.”

Don’t neglect the use of masks. For the mask to be useful, everybody must put them on correctly, covering the nose and mouth.

Hygiene is a necessity, he advised.



  1. Sayt it LOUD, where did 34 Billion the President received to fight COVID go, where are the Ambulances he bought, what has become of N.S.S.F money disappeared to, who should be held accountable, now FAKE/Substandard Masks, a lucrative Deal to Indians, NW&SC hires vehicles from an Individual and just paint them with their colours, wher are we going??


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