4 dead in South Sudan plane crash


Four people are reported dead after cargo plane leaving Juba International Airport in South Sudan crashed.

The cargo plane out of Juba was on route to Wau and Aweil towns on Saturday morning.

It looks like pilot and crew were killed after the aircraft suffered technical issues shortly after take off, according to reports.

The awful aviation incident this morning in Juba involving a cargo aircraft seems to a complete accident.

Victoria University

Several fatalities reported.

The plane crashed at Komiru village behind Hai Referendum.

“I have seen two bodies on ground plus one injured rushed to hospital,” said a witness on the ground.

“The wreckage is still on fire. The crowd here is uncontrollable.”

Transport minister Madut Biar, CID director general and civil aviation CEO have arrived at the scene and issued statement.

The minister has confirmed that 8 passengers were in the illfated plane.

He said the emergency operation was impossible because the area is swampy and couldn’t be accessed by firefighters trucks, the reason the wreckage is still burning.

So far three bodies have been recovered from the wreckage, one injured passenger is taken to hospital while 4 more are unaccounted for if aircraft was carrying 8 people.

The aircraft crashed at around 8:30am shortly after taking off from JIA according to eyewitness.

The aircraft was flying to Wau to deliver money some money for an NGO according to transport minister.

The crash scene has a lot of burnt bank notes scattered all over the place.



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