Amongi cracks on taxis, arcades, workplaces over new Covid19 infections


Kampala minister Hon. Betty Amongi has addressed the media about KCCA’s update on COVID19 Response in Kampala.

She says they have noticed that there is gross non-adherence to the SOPs in public transport and the workplaces, including arcades which the scientists believe has accounted to the increased number of cases.

  1. Workplaces – offices & workshops, are where most infectious are being registered.
  2. Arcades, remain high risk areas due to noncompliance to simple preventive measures.

The KCCA Public Health Direrectorate has issued notices to the non-compliant arcades to ensure full compliance to the SOPs within 7 days after which stern sanctions shall be imposed upon them.

  1. Public transport: over 90% of those infected reported using public transport and the taxi park.
  2. Slums too are affected, these include; Kasosoko, Kisenyi and Nakulabye.
  3. Political activities are also drivers of new infections, and we appeal to leaders to exercise caution when campaigning.
  4. A number of people are not seeking medical help when showing COVID 19 symptoms. This delayed access of medical help has led to some being confirmed to have the disease after death.

This poses a risk to relatives who participate in the burials.

  1. Most markets have stopped hand washing and some have disconnected washing facilities installed for free by KCCA to help compliance with hand washing.
Victoria University

“Our team shall start markets inspections and if you are found with water diverted to your premises, you will be arrested and charged as per the public health Act,” Amongi said.



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