Maaif eliminates Napak locusts with aerial spray aircraft


At the close of last week, Desert Locust Control teams successfully eliminated the swarms in Napak District.

Unlike the invasions that coincided with inland travel restrictions, these and the operations that followed were covered by the media.

The Aerial Spray Aircraft from the Desert Locust Control Organisation for Eastern Africa touched down at the Moroto Airport after use in the successful elimination of the 5th wave of Desert Locusts in Napak District.

Given the strong collaboration yielding results, the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (MAAIF) is moving from the #locustsinug hashtag to the optimistic #LocustFreeUG.

Victoria University

The teams supported by UPDF made use of both aerial spraying and ground spraying using pesticides and protective gear provided by Government and Partners including the FAO, Russian Embassy, Bayer International, the Chinese Embassy and the Desert Locust Control Organisation for Eastern Africa.

Unlike the swarms in the first four waves, the Desert Locusts invading Uganda now are immature adults that are pinkish red in color, at the most destructive stage.

These wave has been successfully eliminated and is therefore not a threat to farming communities and households in the area.

Hon. Hellen Adoa, the Minister of State for Fisheries, completed a tour of the areas of operation of the Desert Locust Control teams including Napak where the 5th wave has been successfully eliminated.

The Minister also visited the training centre where awareness about Desert Locusts and Control of the Pests is done.



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