Presidential hopeful Kabuleta arrested in Hoima

Kabuleta waves to by-standers in Hoima town before being arrested

Police Friday intercepted and arrested presidential hopeful Joseph Kabuleta in Hoima town.

Kabuleta, who was driving in a white Toyota vehicle in his home town of Hoima, tried to lead a procession when riot police cut him off.

Ali Babi, his campaign agent, told Daily Monitor that Kabuleta had just left his home Rwenkobe, on the way to Masindi town for a scheduled radio talk show.

Police led by the Hoima Field Force Protection Unit Commander, Patrick Muhumuza said that Kabuleta was holding an illegal procession.


Muhumuza ordered Kabuleta’s driver to drive to Hoima Police Station where he was interrogated for several hours.

Albertine Regional Police Spokesman, Julius Hakiza, said Kabuleta was charged with the offence of neglect act likely to spread a disease.

Government in March banned public gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Kabuleta was released on a police bond at about 6pm and allowed to proceed to Masindi for the radio talk show.

He is supposed to report to Hoima Police Station on August 31.



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