Museveni appoints Gen Muheesi to lead Covid19 taskforce


President Museveni has instituted a Multisectoral technical task force to tackle the Covid19 pandemic.

The task force is chaired by Maj Gen. Geoffrey Muheesi from Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and deputized by Dr Monica Musenero, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Epidemics as well as Dr Ario Alex, Director of the National Institute of Public Health.

Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng said the task force is mandated to: Strengthen the multi-sectoral co-ordination of COVID-19 related response activities and facilitate linkages across and between all sectors and Support the enforcement of all Presidential directives and SOPs-Work with MDAs to appoint Compliance Officers for enforcement of SOPs and follow up to ensure full compliance and where gaps exist devise means to troubleshoot compliance.

It will also coordinate multi-sectoral approach to safe and dignified burials (SDB) in collaboration with Uganda Red Cross-Support the nationwide mass mask distribution of community masks and enforce proper usage of the masks by the general population.  

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“I would like to appreciate H.E the President and Chair of the National Task force for his guidance and commitment in ensuring that Ugandans are protected and remain safe and alive,” Aceng said on Thursday.

She said his guidance has enabled us to control the pandemic so far.

“I would also like to appreciate the Rt. Hon Ruhakana Rugunda and the entire National task force, the District task forces, security officers, UPDF AND Uganda Police Force.  It’s been a long 5 months yet we are just at the beginning of the war. Let’s soldier on.”

She sent her special appreciation to the entire population of Uganda and more so to those who have understood the danger in the house and are committed to protect themselves and stay safe.

“We the Ugandan population will determine the direction this pandemic will take us, either to the worst case scenario or to a reversal of the current situation. Let’s all choose life and adhere to the Standard operating procedures.”

“A great acknowledgement and appreciation goes to the health workers. We are very proud of you. You have sacrificed your lives, stayed away from your families for over 5 months and you feel bad to see the population not adhering to the set SoPs.”  

“With your experience you know what lies ahead as you all watch what is happening all over the world. Hang in there. Your services are priceless.”

She said COVID-19 is real, it is dangerous and it kills like Ugandans are now experiencing.

“We also appeal to the religious leaders of all denominations to reach out to the people through all channels available to you including; social media, mass media and print media to educate people about the dangers of COVID and the need to adhere to the SOPs.”



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