Capt Babu pulls out of race for NRM 1st vice chairperson


Seasoned politician Capt Francis Babu has quit the race for the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) first vice chairperson.

This was announced Friday by President Museveni who, Over the last few days, chaired the vetting meetings by the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

CEC also sat to draft a shortlist that will be forwarded to the National Executive Committee for voting.

“As we conclude the process, Captain Francis Babu, one of our own long-standing cadres and a worthy contender, having expressed interest in the position of 1st Vice Chairperson and being seconded by CEC, has pulled out of the race in good faith, for the benefit of the party,” Museveni said.

Victoria University

“While I commend Capt. Babu’s exhibition of comradeship and solidarity, I congratulate all the participants in ongoing party activities. It is my pleasure to witness the hive of activity and the number of people involved in building cohesion and continuity.”

He added: “Long Live the National Resistance Movement.”

This leaves Alhajji Moses Kigongo unopposed.



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