Ndeeba church: KCCA submits to probe as church leaders meet Saleh

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) says it’s deeply concerned about the demolition of St. Peters Church of Uganda Ndeeba in Lubaga Division which occurred in the night of 8th August 2020.

“We are collaborating with the Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit as they investigate the circumstances under which the Church was demolished,” the authority said.

KCCA Ag. Director for Physical Planning, Mr. Katongole Ivan, has been held to facilitate the investigations and KCCA will support the investigations to ascertain the facts leading to this incident until its final conclusion.

“The Management of KCCA commits to a participatory approach in the administration of the City to serve Kampala in all its diversity and build bridges to facilitate the development of the City.”

Church leaders meet Saleh

After the demolition of the Ndeeba Church, some Anglican church leaders met Gen Salim Saleh, who vehemently denied being connected to Dodovico, the “investor” behind the saga.


They then asked the general to help them ensure that no church property especially, land is grabbed again.

According to media reports, Gen Saleh pledged to help them protect their property.

Before they left, they asked financial assistance from Saleh to enable them fund some of their projects.

Saleh, too, obliged.

One thought on “Ndeeba church: KCCA submits to probe as church leaders meet Saleh


    The plague of BEGGING from NRM even when matters at issue are legal, authentic, and clear-cut is the problem of Ugandans; educated and unschooled. Once you go on your knees to beg money or protection from the powerful, you cede your independence and hand over your dignity to them. You become powerless to bargain anything and lose hold of what should entitle to you.

    Can Ugandans for once learn to stand on their own feet and proudly defend what is truly theirs whether or not they are poor or powerless?

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