Museveni speeds away from crowd in Covid19 scare


On his way to inspect works at the Nyanza Textile Industries (Nytil) in Jinja, groups of people at different points of the journey tried to stop President Museveni to address them.

With Eleven (11) people so far dead, confirmed to have had the Covid-19 virus, Museveni called upon all leaders, especially political actors; please give the people the correct message.

“Social distance, wear a mask, covering the mouth and nose, and wash hands/sanitize,” he reiterated.

“We can avoid this disease, and we can treat our people if we follow strict guidelines that have been communicated time and again,” he said Thursday.


At Kiyola Nakisunga, Museveni had to stop people from gathering and drove away to avoid encouraging forming a crowd.

Im Jinja City, Museveni toured the Nytil Factory production line that makes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and thereafter address the people of Busoga on NBS radio.



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