I don’t like leaders with no wealth- Museveni


President Museveni has said the problem of Uganda and maybe some other African countries is organic.

“You must take the society as a whole,” Museveni said Wednesday while presiding over International Youth Day celebrations at State House.

“I heard Aber saying you are graduating from youth leaders to other leaders, yes, that is good, but you should also be wealth creators.”

He said the starting point is waking up the people near you, especially your family.

“That is what I did when I was a teenager using what I saw at the government stock farm in Mbarara.”

Victoria University

He said a modern youth must take part in waking up their family, village, area, and self.

“I addressed all the zonal leaders, and I gave them this booklet. The four sectors for money are there.”

He said the medicine for poverty is money, enough money.

“I don’t like leaders who have no wealth,” Museveni asserted.

“What we can say is form manufacturing associations. I am going to start a leather tanning industry.”

“We are going to start processing leather at Kawumu. I haven’t checked, but the money spent on importing leather products is a lot.”

Museveni said the cows are there but aren’t consolidated.

Nobody has entered the business of gathering them, he noted.

“I have told some of the youth to do bull fattening.”

He said there is money for NAADS, Operation Wealth Creation in the villages, Youth Fund, Women Fund.

“So please access it. Now we have added Emyooga.”

He said at one time, they were importing furniture from Dubai.

“We in the forest were importing furniture from people in the desert. Let these university leavers, the SWASAs and psychologists to go and study the psychology of business.”

“I talked to one person who had done psychology, and they said they would work in the prisons because they can tell prisoners who want to escape.”

” We can have groups of like 10 youth owning a fish pond. Fish has gotten big demand abroad. So, Nakiwala (Minister), go and plan for these people.”

He advised youth: “Politically , use your voice. If we need more money, you are in Parliament, mobilize and we get money.”

On Covid19, Museveni advised Ugandans to stop all these foreign travels.

“COVID19 has helped me, non of you is traveling, and that is why the shilling is gaining, you have been squandering our dollars.”



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