Winnie Kiiza joins ANT party


The Alliance for National Transformation has unveiled Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza as one of its members.

She becomes the 4th MP to join the Gen Mugisha Muntu led political party.

“Having Alliance for National Transformation as my home gives me a basis to work with other political parties,” Kiiza said on Wednesday.

The unveiling ceremony took place at ANT party headquarters on Plot 87, Buganda Road, Kampala.

Victoria University

Kiiza recently announced she had had retired from elective politics and would not seek the Kasese Woman MP seat in 2021 elections.

Earlier, the party unveiled Paul Mwiru, Gerald Karuhanga and Kassiano Wadri.

Delegates conference

Last week, the party postponed the Interim National Delegates Conference.

“We wish to express our disappointment with Uganda Electoral Commission which has ignored our several letters,” said national coordinator Alice Alaso.

“We hope that the commission will try to be just and fair as they execute their roles.”

Alaso who is now ANT acting National Coordinator, said the composition of the delegates conference is about 600 to 700 people.

“For EC to give us clearance yesterday yet, we wrote to them in July.”

“Today, I don’t know what magic we are to use to get the delegates here. They haven’t sent the letter formally, I received it on WhatsApp.”

She said the EC had decided not to let them have the delegates conference.

“I don’t have any magic to sermon 700 people to be here by 10 o’clock.”

She added: “We are dismayed to see that the NRM functions are not even a quarter of what we had proposed to them but they are letting them go on.”



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